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Content Submission Guidelines

About The Baraza

As a platform of the Center for International Policy (CIP), the mission of The Baraza is to showcase progressive voices and arguments that advance CIP’s mission: to make a peaceful, just, and sustainable world the central pursuit of U.S. foreign policy. The site’s content will cover a plethora of topics relating to Foreign Policy, National Security, War and Peace, and Climate Justice through a variety of lenses.

Content will be created by individuals both within and outside of CIP. All opinions expressed by any content contributors reflects the opinion of the author alone — not of CIP, its Staff, or its Board.

Content will be managed by CIP’s Communications Team, who will be responsible for soliciting, accepting, reviewing, editing, and publishing all blog content. These processes will be guided by the guidelines detailed below. Authors seeking to contribute to The Baraza must ensure that their pieces abide by the below guidelines or their content will not be published.

Each piece published on The Baraza should seek to inform readers from a variety of audiences on issues related to Foreign Policy, National Security, War and Peace, and Climate Justice. Understanding that readers will approach The Baraza from different fields and backgrounds, writing should be clear and evidence must be provided.

To ensure that these clarity goals are met, pieces should avoid acronyms where possible and link arguments to supporting evidence when necessary. The Center for International Policy’s communications team will maintain these goals as they review submitted pieces and before publishing. Editing may be required to meet these clarity goals; if so, CIP’s communications team will assist authors in this pursuit — either by clearly communicating with and requesting the necessary edits from the author or by editing the piece directly. The author will receive the opportunity to have a final review of the piece before publication.

The need for evidence and truth is a requirement regardless of the audience of a piece. All pieces published to The Baraza must be based in fact. Linking to supporting evidence where necessary is a requirement and will assist in the credibility of both the piece’s author and The Baraza.

Because The Baraza is a platform developed and maintained by a Washington , D.C.-based think tank, the platform’s language will be American English. The platform will follow the AP Stylebook.

The views and/or opinions expressed in the content published on The Baraza do not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions held by the Center for International Policy (CIP), its Staff, its Board, or its Senior Fellows. The views and/or opinions expressed in the content created by CIP’s Staff, Board, or Senior Fellows do not necessarily represent the views and/or opinions held by CIP.

How to Submit to The Baraza

Submit your piece — anywhere from 750 to 1,500 words in length and on the topic of your choice so long as it can be categorized within the site’s four categories of Foreign Policy, National Security, War and Peace, and Climate Justice — to along with the author’s headshot/bio and the piece’s total word count.